Hello Senior Thesis Year

Today is my LAST first day of school!!!
(unless for some reason I go to grad school ...which wouldn't be for awhile if ever I did)
I have my "my little pony" tin lunch box packed and my neon pink trapper keeper full of pictures of "The New Kids On the Block"!
I am SOOOOO ready!

Celebrate the summer

Ah back into a regular routine. And, as much as I hate being obligated to do work 8 hours out of the day, its a nice break from flying and living out of a bag! I got a schnazzy new apartment, actually in the same complex as Joshua, The Allegro :). I can actually see into his place from my window... :-O
It so nice to be somewhere settled and nice and new that has MY BED (how i LOVE and MISSED my bed SOOO much)!! As of last night I am unpacked and fully moved in! While I loved the "classic charming" apartments as much as the next starving college student, it is super nice having an apt with a washer and dryer AND dishwasher...crazy modern age thing luxuries. :P
Its wonderful to be close to Joshua, AND because we are so close, we can share internet and wi-fi!! Which helps in my bills :D. I think the next thing we should do is use the can and string method for our phone calls...I ALWAYS wanted to do that!
As for work, the first week was fairly easy, working with tools that i have previously used last year...so its nice Im not foreign to everything. The only frusterating thing about work isnt the actual work, but the traffic coming to and from....bleh. Oh well, I have overcome the fact that I am waving fairewell to my $$ everytime I have to fillup and sit in another hour of traffic to get home.

Last night in Auckland! :D HUZZAH!

Tomorrow I head out on my personal adventure! FIJI! Quite excited to leave everyone in my group...kind of getting fed up with a lot of the people I've been forced to be around. Awh, nothing better to cure that then to lay in the sun for 5 days! Wheee!

Then its off to Christchurch for 2 days. Oh random airplanes flights, how I will not want to be on you anymore. :P

6 days, 17 hours, 45 min till Im on the plane from Christchurch starting my departure to seattle! :)

7 days, 14 hours 26 min till Im back in seattle! /cheer!

Auckland- Week 1

I have made it to New Zealand! It has been quite the journey...a long plane ride, but on a very nice and new 777. After a sad good bye to my lovely lad, I flew off to San Fransico where I made my way past international customs and then departed fro my 13 hour flight to Auckland on a very nice flight aboard Air New Zealand, and met some nice Portland people who were off on their retirement vacation, they were very cute and still super in love! :) I really enjoy old people who are still super lovie-dovie, it just makes me happy!
I found some CHID people on my flight and we all split a shuttle to our new student housing facility "Unilodge". Since it was 5am, we had to wake up a manager to get into the place. Once setting down our bags, a friend of mine, Linn, and I decided to go on a run to familiarize ourselves with the city. We saw another girl checking in when we went down to the lobby and she was going to drop her stuff off and come with us. So we waited around the lobby and talked to these two New Zealand teen guys who kind of out of it. Their story was a bit confusing...something about having used all their money for a cab up to Unilodge and not having any more money to get home on the taxi so they were waiting for some sort of bus...mind you it was 5:30am. Anyway, once our other friend made it down with her running gear on, she quickly realized she had left her computer and carryon bag in the shuttle she had come in. Luckily right then one of the managers of Unilodge barges in super wasted yelling out in a drunken tone "IM HOME!!!" then looking at us "WHAT DO YOU NEED HELP WITH!?!", a bit confused our friend with the missing bag was able to get into the receptionist room to call the airport. So Linn and I waited around a bit more, having more of an awkward conversation with these two New Zealand guys named Loui and Jay, all the while listening to our friend try to reason with this drunken manager of what to do and how to use the phone. Finally, we made it off running around Auckland around 6am. We ran through the University of Auckland and around a bit of the city and then made our way to a coffee shop where we happen to run into our friends Loui who decided to come "running" with us. I believe he was a bit confused and shy because everything he said was under his breath and hard to understand (also with a very thick New Zealand accent). He explained to us his friend already made it on the bus home...as 10 min later he randomly arrived too. Anyway, these guys kept randomly popping up in awkward locations. After the run (and getting ready to explore more) we all went out to breakfast (with even more CHID people we had met up with), then explored around the city making our way to the mall to buy some GoPhones and groceries. We just basically walked all around to try and get aquatinted with the city and culture. Its really not that much different then an American city...besides the fact that they drive on the left side, say "cheers" to everything, and are OBSESSED with Rugby. I am more excited to get OUT of Auckland and really see "New Zealand"!
After dinner, my roommate and I came back and literally passed out in our beds for 12 hours till the next morning.
Since currently is 18 hours ahead, i arose at 7am (12pm Seattle time) and couldnt go back to sleep. So I decided to go down to the gym, which is rather lacking... one treadmill, elipticle and a bike. meh, least its something. Running around Auckland itself is proving to be much more exciting! I keep finding these cute parks! :) Yesterday I ran to a duckpond at the top of this hill and there were all these chickens...awh so cute wild chickens! They followed me for about a 1/4 mile, they ran up and down stairs and clucking all cutefully! :) it was so fun! I <3 chickens, makes me glad I am a veggi!
So far I've had 2 days of "actual" class, which is proving to be more of a burden then originally thought :P. These CHID classes have like 100-150page of reading each night, which is taking up some valuable exploring time :P
As for the weather, the first few days were very sunny, but these last few have been nothing buy pouring rain and wind! Living on the 6th floor of a tower make is so the wind blows and whistles hard all night!

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15 hours, 2 min!

Today I finished moving out of Casa Del Arbol, bought some last trip items and have my HUGE hikingbackpack bag pack and ready to go. Joshua has helped me so much in the last few days, moving, running errands and just being wonderful company with me in many trips back and forth to Olympia! But now all is completed with my preparations....all I have to do is step into SEA-TAC and start my journey.
Joshua graciously gave me his birthday gifts to me, a brand new external portable hard drive, AND a nano/nike running kit (the type you can hook on to any running shoes and not have to buy and run on horrible nike shoes)!!! This will be great use when I train for my 10k that I plan to run in Rotorua, New Zealand!!
On a coincidental note...today my digital camera of 4.5 years officially retired (luckily today rather then tomorrow). So on a whim, I had to go out and buy a brand new one... a bit of a rushed item to decide on and buy, but it is very cute and brand new. Plus its a panasonic rather then a sony...which in my experience panasonic makes wonderful cameras. A bit more expensive then its competitive sony version....but it will be wonderful to have a reliable camera! :)
So many new techy toys...and to top it off, my sister gave me a DS for my brithday gift! :) A PINK one! :) YAY! Something fun to keep me busy on the 16 hour flight!
Tomorrow at 3:14pm I begin my 14 week excursion...

6 days...

I'm in the process of moving out, weaning my boss off of my work duties, and trying to tie up loose ends...

but...*ugh* yesterday I had to switch around hours to get some days off (so that I would have a few days to pack and move out) so I decided to opted to have a long day... well let me just say it wasnt fun at alll! A long day at an "office" is one thing...where you got your private little cubicle/ office with a nice comfy chair. A long day at LJ (and that doesnt stand for livejournal) is another, where my boss is literally standing behind my back watching and dictating my every move ("no lets try it this way", "now lets try it that way"). *cringe* oh and lets not forget the horrendously uncomfortable chairs they have...and the only reasons the have such chairs...."because they are arty". *pfshh* that is NOT a reason you buy chairs!!!
Thank gooooodness I have survived that..now just two more 6 hours shifts with her...and D-O-N-E!!!!!!!! *CHEERS*

Todays agenda... familys getting together for a lovely dinner celebrating my departure on friday and my birthday (3 weeks early), at my favorite restaurant :) MMMMMm

Happy St. Patricks day....GREEEEEEN GREEN GREEN! :) look its a clover ---> --C3

And the countdown begins...

19 days and 2 hours till I depart from this rainy rainy city to the beautiful land of Auckland! :) I have a little widget clock countdown till I leave...eeeP.
Im really excited yet nervous all the same. Im trying to figure out if there is a way I can still work overseas...because a source of money while over there would still be nice! ;)
I am quite happy to be leaving this house I live in now though, I must admit, I feel this isn't the safest place to live (as there is a tall man in a fishing hat whom lurks around the shadows with ducktape in his hands at night)....so I shall depart to NZ and then find a nice little studio when I come back (perhaps a place that will allow pets, and then I will get a white fluffy kitten!!!!).
School is dwindling down, only 5 more days of class, 1 final, 2 10-page essays, 3 moodles, and 1 video project to complete...then that completes "real" college for me. All thats left after this quarter is a pointless (as in worthless credits) and FUN quarter in NZ and then just a three more quarters to complete my independent senior thesis to gain my "official" degree.
Originally, I had to go to jury duty this week...thank gooodness I got out of it! Now just to focus on finals! Sooo close, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Pretty pretty snow flakes!

Awh, Yesterday it snowed all day, very lightly, but it was so wonderful! All the little robins and finches around my house were playing in the snow, awh, it was so cute!

However, since yesterday was such a cold day... when Jana and I went outside to film a night scene for my new movie...well we weren't quite ready for the outside atmosphere. She and I went to Discovery park walking the trails for 2.5 hours filming around and caring all this filming equipment. Needless to say, my hands had never been that cold, that was pain; I feel for those people who get lost in the snow for days on end. The tips of my fingers still hurt this morning! Perhaps not the smartest idea having two girls wander around a forest at night in the snow; heh, we're blond, what do you expect....but *phew* at least Im done with those scenes. However, I feel bad making her walk all the way up to the bluff only to find out we didn't have the proper light to see the beauty of the cliff. :(
Being sick and outside in the cold isnt the greatest of combinations...and this has lead to my voice going out, so typing is my best way of communications.

As for today's agenda...filming a dance outside in the freezing cold yet again...:(...heh, this shall be interesting.